Monday, May 29, 2006

I live, I teach. Who will buy?

Been a VERY long time since I have checked in here. My humblest apologies to all you who have been waiting for an update.
As the title would suggest, it seems that I am caught up in the drama of simply living and working- so much in fact that little else gets done.
Since my last missive, my wife has taken on a full-time job, which has really made things a lot more hectic for yours truly. I now get to do a good bit more cooking, shopping and child care related duties. Plus my dearest is in a masters degree program that she goes to on the weekends.

My job is winding down now...summer vacation is just around the corner and I am champing at the bit to get it started. As is usual for me, I have already mentally gone on vacation. This leaves 3 weeks for my body to catch up with my mind.

What else to tell you all...Dad is the same as always, the girls are growing at an astonishing rate, and I have a ton of saxes for sale.

Wanna buy one?


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