Monday, February 06, 2006

All roads lead to Rome....and thanks for waiting.....

It has truly been too long since I wrote. Thanks for all your compliments on the blog and emails.
It is encouraging for me and I hope that you continue to drop in and read from time to time.

About 12 days ago my life changed.

My wife and her sister headed off for an 8 day trip to Rome, hereafter to always be referred to as "Waka's Roman Holiday".. That left me with the task of preparing all meals, shopping, washing all dishes, getting the kids ready for everything, working with them on homework, shuttling them to ballet and swimming and grandmas. Plus I still had to go to work too....

To say that I have a newfound appreciation for my wife, is more than an understatement!!

I have decided to from now on, always be more helpful and sympathetic to her cause. She has far too much to do. and I need to do more.

The Bible says a good woman is more precious that jewels. I truly believe I am sitting next to a treasure chest.


Anonymous pat said...

randy you are just now seeing this she putting up with you HAHA do you still take 30min. showers if so she is a keeper just for that alone. glad too hear you steped up to the plate and took over while she was gone how many days befor she came back did it take too lean up the house?HAHA
all joking aside i'm proud of ya kid.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Randy said...

Actually I am down to 15 or 20 minutes in the shower...I wake up a lot easier now!

And, just to show you how good I am at it, the house was cleaner when she got back than when she left.

You know today is the old mans B-day?
He is 76....going on 90

11:19 AM  

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