Friday, January 06, 2006

Ringin' in the New Year, kind of....

To all the friends and family reading, I hope the coming year is a blessed one for you. For those of you I don't know, well, write something and let me know who you are!

For the first time in a long time, I was able to stay at home with my wife and ring in the new year. Last year on the 31st I was playing in near 0 temps outdoors on a stage in the mountains near Iizuka in a snow storm!
This year, however was much more enjoyable.

I spent the first day doing what one should do during New Years Day....eating and sleeping and just generally being a lazy sod.
On day 2 we met up with the in-laws and went out for lunch at the family fav, MK Restaurant.
Now if you don't know what an MK Restaurant is, it is a place where you can get all-you-can-eat dim sum or shabu-shabu (basically thinly sliced meats and veggies that you boil in a pot on your table).
The kids are absolutely gaga over this place and so is my father-in-law because it is so cheap. My FIL is so tight, well, imagine getting diamonds from coal and you are getting the picture...
After lunch the kids whined their way into staying at the grandparents' house for one wifey and I had a nice evening alone.
The ensuing 3 days saw me locked to the TV to watch the BCS bowl games. The first game was the ND game. Thanks to the great QB in the sky for not letting those overrated jugheads win. I am sure someone will rank them in the top 10 for next season.
The PSU/ FSU game was entertaining, but it was hard to decide to root for as I was a student when FSU rolled WVU in a bowl game and of course, almost anyone is preferrable to Penn State (affectionately known as "Penn Snake" in WV). I ended up rooting for FSU....some memories are more bitter than others.....
Then the national championship game, which made me happy. I honestly didn't think Texas had a chance considering how loaded USC was.
Shows you what pride will do to ya....

To say that I am incensed is to put it mildly.

Nevertheless, A hearty congrads to my alma mater and their 38 to 35 whippin' that they put on Georgia! Seems that WVU has finished the season 5th in the AP poll, which is as high a rating as I can remember. I expect the team in 2 years to be nat'l champs. Next year, they will be good too.

Well the 3 week vacation is almost over. I am looking at starting back up on Monday...still a pile to do here at the house that I managed to put off thus far. Hopefully I will accomplish a bit more in the next 3 days.

New Years resolutions....why bother?

Nevertheless, I have set myself on a path to lose a good bit of weight, read more and do internet less. Also I plan to pick up on my baritone sax playing a bit more.


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