Saturday, February 18, 2006

I am NOT paranoid! Really!

OK, I know most of you probably will respond to this by thinking, "He is really paranoid.." but I swear it is true....

Everytime I get in my car and pull out, back out, make a turn onto any street, stop at a an intersection, at any hour of the day or night, no matter what kind of weather, there is ALWAYS someone there, stepping RIGHT in front of my vehicle!!!!!!

I swear it is true.
There is always someone directly in the path of me at the EXACT moment I am making the aforementioned movement.

At first, I thought I WAS paranoid!

Then I got my wife to notice it.

The population density here is so incredibly high that you literally will run into people everywhere, all the time.


About 20 years ago I visited a buddy's place (in Kurume Japan) and I had to go to the toilet while there. As I sat down on the throne, at eye level, pinned to the door of the loo was a clipped headline from the Japan Times.

It read, "The Only Place in Japan You can Be Alone"

No truer words....

And even more strange to this interloper is the FACT that Japanese people WANT to be in close proximity to one another, preferrably when the temperature reaches 27 degrees (celcius) and higher. They WANT to cram together into a small space and sweat together. there is a mass psychosis here that compells every last Japanese person to hurl themself into the biggest, stinkiest, sweatiest, most crowded possible situation in order to relax" and "enjoy" their day off or holiday.

As a matter of fact, the average Japanese response to wide open quiet spaces (like countryside), especially at night , is "kowai!" or "scary!"

Makes me realize that east is east and west is west....


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